Are You Busy? – EPVLA Reflections #17

Are You Busy? – EPVLA Reflections #17

multi-tasking womanAs an executive, personal, virtual or legal assistant, EPVLA for short,  I am often asked, “Are you busy?” Many times I take a long pause because the truth is, I’m always busy! As assistants for executives, celebrities, producers, directors, athletes, politicians, lawyers or other high-profile professionals the reality is that each day you are called upon to handle multiple tasks and depending on the industry you work in or the person you work for, those tasks could be the impossible climb Mount Jireh tasks, and by the way, Mount Jireh is a mountain that does not exist on this planet, but fortunately for EPVLA’s, the Creator and his Universe always provides!

No matter how busy you get, remain calm, stay focused and guard your time & energy!

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