Comedian George Wallace… “I Be Thinkin”

Comedian George Wallace

Danielle Smith of Personal Assistant Magazine/EPVA Blog Online recently caught up with the legendary comedian Mr. George Wallace to discuss his extraordinary 30 years career as a comedian and his many assistants.

An old African Proverb says, “It takes a village to raise one child.”
Well… “I be thinkin”, how many executive, personal or virtual assistants does it take la-1528326096-2d4a3nkfj3-snap-imageto assist The Man, The Comedian, The Legendary Mr. George Wallace?

I recently had the good pleasure of interviewing and seeing comedian
George Wallace live and in person at the fabulous Flamingo Hotel in Las
Vegas. If you have not had the opportunity to witness the George Wallace
“I be thinkin” 10 pm show in Vegas first hand then it is time for you to
book a flight or hitch a ride with a relative or friend to see this
comedic genius. From the moment the New Mr. Las Vegas stepped on the stage
he had the sold out audience and me laughing hysterically with his “I be
thinkin”, comedy antics.

Inspired by comedy legends Redd Foxx, Red Skelton, Richard Pryor & Johnny
Carson, Mr. George Wallace has been doing stand up comedy for over 30
years and headlining the Flamingo Showroom at the Flamingo Hotel in Las
Vegas for the last seven years. Celebrating one of his assistant’s birthday, Weezie,
with a seven layer carrot cake, Danielle Smith from Personal Assistant Magazine/EPVA Blog Online exclusively sat down with George Wallace to discuss how
he manages his office and his many assistants.

EPVA: Legendary George Wallace! Wow, first of all your show was so funny.
I’m still laughing at the “I be thinkin” joke regarding the Queen holding
her purse in her own home (palace) while taking a picture with President
Obama and First Lady Michelle. Why is she holding her purse in her own
house? Lol

George Wallace: See Danielle, “I be thinkin,” (he smiles) I am glad you
enjoyed the show. It’s really nice to see you again.

EPVA: Thank you, it’s nice to see you again as
well. I remember when I worked with comedian J. Anthony Brown and all the pranks and jokes you two did.

George Wallace: J. Anthony Brown is one crazy and funny man.

EPVA: So, do you usually do a two hour set? I’m not complaining because you had all of us laughing on the floor. I think I saw a man pushing his teeth back in he was laughing so hard.

George Wallace: My set is usually 90 minutes but tonight I decided to do a little

EPVA: Well I’m glad you did and so did the audience, it sounded like you had enough material to go all night.

George Wallace: Oh yes.

EPVA: Is it true that you are considering running for Mayor of Las Vegas.

George Wallace: (he laughs) No that’s not true. Somebody suggested I run
for mayor and the media ran with it.

EPVA: I think you’d make a great mayor you seem to have made a great business man. I saw one of your assistants selling your merchandise after the show. By the time I went over she had sold out of all the merchandise. How many assistants do you have?

George Wallace: I have four assistants. Two assistants work in the day time and two assistants work with me in the evening.

EPVA: Wow, four assistants. I love the fact that you don’t overburden the EPVA’s that work for you. What do each of your assistants do for you?

George Wallace: Weezie, (it’s her birthday we are celebrating) her real
name is Louise but I call her Weezie, she is my wardrobe assistant and she
has been with me for seven years and works with me in the evening. She picks out all of my clothes for me.

EPVA: Yes, I was checking you out on stage you looked really good. I love the suit and shoes!

George Wallace: Thanks, that’s all Weezie’s doing she keeps me looking good.

EPVA: So what about your other assistants.

George Wallace: Argentina is my other evening assistant. She’s been with
me for two years now and handles the merchandise and sells it after every

EPVA: Well your fans were lined up to purchase your
products! I can see that they loved the show and you!

George Wallace: I call them my friends and I just love them and enjoy
meeting new people and finding out where they come from.

EPVA: So where are the other two assistants?

George Wallace: Luke and James are my day assistants. Luke handles all of
my office administration and James runs all the errands.

EPVA: That is so awesome that you don’t overburden one assistant with all of these tasks. I like the fact that you give each assistant a specific duty to handle. Many EPVA’s are not as lucky, especially when they work for a busy executive or celebrity. When I worked with J. Anthony Brown I managed the day-to-day operations of his businesses which included radio, comedy, film & television appearances, non-profit diabetes foundation, film/TV production company, comedy club, art collection, a clothing line and other related JAB merchandise. I also toured with him, ran all the errands and oversaw his other employees.

George Wallace: J. kept you busy.

EPVA: Yes he did.

Weezie and Argentina, George Wallace’s two evening assistants just walked in.

EPVA:  Weezie and Argentina how do you like working with George?

Weezie: I’ve been working with George for seven years and enjoy every
minute of it. When people tell me George looks good I feel good because I
know that I dressed him. Wherever he goes, I will go and always dress him.

Argentina: I agree. I will follow George anywhere, he gave me a great opportunity to learn about the comedy business and sell his merchandise.

EPVA: You have an amazing team of people. Thank you George, Weezie and Argentina for sitting down and talking with me.

George Wallace: They are great. I am very blessed to have a wonderful team
of people who work with me everyday.  We work really well together and each person knows what they need to do in order to make this comedy business a success. I am grateful to them. They do a fine job with assisting me and I appreciate them and their hard work.

Louise (aka Weezie), George Wallace, Argentina, Writer J.B

 If you would like to purchase tickets to see George Wallace in Las Vegas
at the Flamingo Hotel please visit: or George Wallace at the Flamingo


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